Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ballroom Dance Show

Elisa and her new partner got to perform with some other couples in a local dance show. They did the same show twice. She's the littlest one wearing a black and white dress. The crowd starts clapping during the swing and they had the loudest applause of all of the dancers. Here are both shows (because I just love watching her dance): Here's the first show, using the same routine. She's worked really hard on her keeping her hands up and remembering to smile.


Denise M. Smith said...

WOW! That is awesome I wish I had those moves!

Love ya Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi Elisa,

I just watched the video of your dance show. I loved your steps and
the way you and your partner interact. Great job!!

Kim said...

I wish I had those moves too! Maybe you can join the married people band-wagon, Dee, and sign up for ballroom dance lessons before the wedding.