Sunday, May 11, 2008

Visiting with My Folks

On the Saturday before Mother's Day, I got to meet Mom and Dad someplace in New Jersey. Even though it's Jersey, it takes them longer to get there than it takes me! We got to exchange Mother's Day cards (they volunteered to play mailman for me to give my cards to Mommom Loeper and Mommom McNeill), visit, Mom and Dad gave Elisa her birthday presents, and gave Victoria and Elisa some clothes. And, most importantly, I got to snap a pic of Mom with the girls! I think I chose a really bad position to take the picture. It seems that the sun was right over my shoulder. Memom let Victoria borrow her sunglasses!
It was a great day for a drive and the kids were so excited that they didn't even complain on the way. Elisa did practice being a reporter and shot a video interview with Victoria. Once she puts the videos up, I'll link to them. All they really wanted to do was leave with Memom and Pepop and say "hasta la vista!" to me.

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